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The City Administrator may issue Regulations necessary for the implementation of this proclamation. Before 5 years you cannot transfer it for other persons by sale.

Applicability of Other Laws.

Recent Posts Cassation Decisions Vol. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Therefore the attempting of selling of house without her consent make the agreement invalid, ethiipia fact it is not an agreement it is a mere, Loading The amount needed from the unit owner shall include interest on and expenses due to the delay of the payment of common condominium housing in ethiopia pdf download.

WHEREAS, it is recognized that the allocation of urban land to a high rise or a row of houses condominium building will contribute to maintain the beauty of the urban areas and to the improvement of urban land use condominimu supply of housing through making great number condominium housing in ethiopia pdf download people benefit and commonly hold a small size of urban land.

Hello, how are you?

List of Names of 40/60 Condominium Registered People in Addis Ababa Ethiopia [PDF Download]

ConstructionLegislation Tagged as: When you received unit house? Therefore the attempting of selling of house without her consent make the agreement invalid, in fact it is not an agreement it is a mere.

The other thing is that you cannot sale or transfer it house to other person with out the consent agreement of your spouse wife. Done at Addis Ababa, this 11 th day of September, Expropriation for Public Interest. Sale By the Declarant.

CONDOMINIUM HOUSING IN ETHIOPIA – IUT – Tenants Free pdf download – – 01

Election of Directors and Auditors. Amendment to declaration description by-laws and rules. The Right to Lien. Certificate of registration shall be issued for the declarant where the building is registered under this proclamation.

You are providing us with the chance to have understanding of our laws Thanks a lot. Lease of a Unit.

Rahel Wondimagegne on Cassation Decisions Vol. Powers and Duties of the Association. WHEREAS, it is deemed necessary to implement other alternatives of urban land use in addition to plot basis urban land use to condominiium the imbalance between the demand for and supply of housing. The First Board of Directors.

A condominium or a common element expropriated for public interest shall cease to be governed by this proclamation. The purchaser who received an amended disclosure or who discovered a material change may notify in writhing the declarant the cancellation of the contract.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Power to issue Regulations. The unit owners association is an association established with a view to obtaining mutual benefits other than securing or sharing of condominium housing in ethiopia pdf download.

The general meeting of the amalgamated association shall, with in 90 days of the registration of the declaration, description, by-laws and rules of the amalgamated association elect members of the board of directors and designate auditors. Powers and Duties of Board of Directors. WHEREAS, it is essential to the development of condominium to create favorable conditions, to private developers and co-operatives, which have a major contribution towards the development of condominium and also to purchases of units and to all others, which have a right, related to the condominuim.

Thanks for the proclamation. And it shall not be divided among members condominium housing in ethiopia pdf download under this proclamation. Andualem on Revised LL.


But it does not include repairing and replacing the damage caused to improvements made to a unit. Meeting of Unit Owners. The contract of sale of a unit may provide the occupancy of a condominium housing in ethiopia pdf download downlpad the purchaser before registration of the building and transfer of ownership and may determine the occupancy fee to be paid by the purchaser and the duties of the declarant during the interim occupancy.

Registration of the Building.