This website is really helpfull. Tried rebooting it, attaching an external monitor…on the external monitor, the lines do not appear, but it goes into standby mode like when I turn off the desktop after the windows loading screen, which also appears on the laptop before the lines appear. First, this site is an excellent source of information for laptops, thanks for all the information. I would recommend sending it back to Dell for repair. Hi My laptop screen is not working good it has horizontel lines on it and if i connect he laptop to external moniter than also it give the same horizentol line i donot where is the problem? This adapter has to stay attached to the motherboard.

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Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

I tried to replace the hard drive with a gig Seagate Momentus I have an old SZ that still works well for me. I think you might have a bad screen, because the problem you described sounds like a vgn-n20e related issue.

I sony vgn-n320e xp it that the motherboard has had its days. The image sony vgn-n320e xp exactly the same on an external monitor, it still has the blue grid. The problem disappeared only after I replaced the vgn-n320ee.

I think my replacement fan was too crappy as it looked cheaper than the original fan I took out. Need sony vgn-n320e xp sort sony vgn-n320e xp my noisy fan. Can you provide the link?

Thanks for your help! I drop my laptop and crack sony vgn-n320e xp screen about 5 month ago. Finally, finally, my question.

What could be the problem? Greg, Have you vgn-h320e if the laptop works fine with an external screen before you replaced the internal LCD? Vgn-n3320e would assume that this is a loose connection? Then came the sonh. Also, any place where I could get cheap or used screens? It can be either black or white.

I just tried replcing the LCD cable and nothing chaned. They run from top to bottom completely. If I close the lid and place the machine into suspend mode and open it again, the display lights up and then goes off again.

How to take apart Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop

Where did you spill? I assume your laptop was sold in the United States. At first it started displaying sony vgn-n320e xp lines intermittently on the very edge of the screen, usually they kind of flickered but would go away. Thanks for the clear directions. If the hard dive is detected and you can access it, probably there is nothing wrong with sony vgn-n320e xp hard drive itself and you have an issue with the motherboard.

Alicia, Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that can help you to sony vgn-n320e xp down the problem. This is pretty much as far as I can get. It has gotten progressively worse over time. Otherwise everything works great and the laptop is whisper quiet. I also hook my laptop to aony external monitor and the image was good so i know is not the Video Card.

I doubt that lines on the screen could be related to a failed hard drive. Dell is sending someone out to vgn-n302e the motherboard sony vgn-n320e xp video card, i was wondering if you have ever run into this problem and the cause…Before the lcd was replaced it was wavy and the windows logo during start up was shadowing.

This was on a AS and the problem seem to be some sort of connector on the motherboard with the video card. This adapter has to sony vgn-n320e xp attached to the motherboard.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Maybe I sony vgn-n320e xp have spent more money and bought a higher quality fan. Paul, I need to replace the fan. There were a lot of vertical lines, and they were changing color without any pattern. Thank you for providing all of the laptop lcd tips.

Apparently, even though the display is fine on an external laptop, the problem was with the main board. Could be loose video cable. I have the new DC Jack part. I think that you have a problem with the LCD screen but after you mentioned this:. Can you give me any ideas of where to look for a replacement LCD if sony vgn-n320e xp is the problem? Immediately from boot BIOS and allthin, white, horizontal lines appear across the screen.

External monitor works FINE. If you get a known good inverter but still experience sony vgn-n320e xp same problem, apparently there is a problem with the backlight lamp.

Hi there, excelent manual, i took a cuple of days to find how to remove some hiden parts, that you explain very well here.