Put transparencies in the tray. You must set up the hardware and install the driver before you can use the printer. We are team of experts serving people like you since a decade. All of the protective parts have been removed. Open the manual feed tray. The envelope should lie flat and not be of baggy or flimsy construction.

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Brother printer self cleaning? Any brother hl 5070n problem you might be facing with your printer. Do not put more than 10 transparencies in the paper tray. At the back of the printer, open the 50770n output tray and push down the blue tabs at the left and right hand sides as shown in the figure below.

H, 70 Mode is selected, it is automatically adjusted to the most suitable 5070 setting depending on the frequency of your printer use. Then Switch off machine and remove the Lower. Page of Go. Page 62 – Manual duplex printing from the multi-pu Brother hl 5070n Spots at 94 mm 3.

Replacing the drum unit We recommend brotber you clean the printer when you replace the drum unit. Then, each user just clicks that file to have the printer driver, port driver, IP address, and so on, automatically copied to their PC. When you replace the toner cartridge or the drum unit, make sure you clean the inside of the printer. Lift end paper guide to move it, brother hl 5070n insert pins at the bottom of the guide in the holes corresponding to paper size that you wish to load.

Caution Remove each transparency immediately.

Make sure that the paper is straight and in the proper position on the MP tray. Paper 5700n Make a note of the indication and report the error brother hl 5070n to your dealer or a Brother authorized service representative by referring to the above table. After that open brother hl 5070n cover. Driver and software Printer driver A printer driver is software that translates data from the format used by a computer to the format that a particular printer needs. Hold tray with both hands, lift from front slightly brother hl 5070n pull it out of the printer.

Brother DCP Toner. If you see the service call indication above, follow the steps below: When you want to buy toner cartridges, call the dealer you bought the printer from. Brother technical reference manual laser printer pages.

Brother PT Ink. My team is here to provide you the correct answer.

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Take the corrective actions for 50770n error message. When the back output tray is pulled down, the printer has a straight paper path brother hl 5070n the manual feed tray or the MP tray through to the back of the printer. Page 85 Printer status Data remaining in memory Print data remains in the printer memory.

Misfeed Put the paper back in properly, and then press the Go button. Customer Service Brother fax back system USA only Brother has an easy-to-use fax back system so you can get instant answers to common technical questions and product information.

Pull the jammed paper brother hl 5070n and out of the printer. Close the front cover of the printer. See Replacing the drum unit in Chapter 5.

Brother HL-5030 User Manual

Make sure that you use paper that meets our specifications. If the printer does lh start printing, press the Go button. Routine Maintenance Routine maintenance You will need to replace certain parts and clean the printer regularly. If the administrator then installs the printer driver and port driver using this software, he can brother hl 5070n the file to the file server or send the file byE-mail yl users.

If you change the print density setting brother hl 5070n lighter or darker printing, the amount of toner that is used will change. Page 61 brother hl 5070n Manual duplex printing from the manual f Repeat Step 3 until you have printed all the odd-numbered pages on the other side of the paper.

Figure Put the new toner cartridge firmly into the drum unit until you brother hl 5070n it lock into place. Error message printouts The printer will report problems by printing an error message as defined in the following table. Get instant brother printer support telephone numberuk and canada.

You can use the system to send 55070n information to any fax machine.

Plain Paper Paper Source: Then try printing again. If you put any Media paper, transparency and so on in the manual feed tray brother hl 5070n the printer is in the Ready state, brother hl 5070n media may be ejected without being printed on.

We can ensure compatibility by matching the Brother ink cartridge number and printer type when placing your order. Page 59 After you finish printing, close the back output tray. Figure Figure