Do any of the program support timeshifting in RAM? And when I do, I can hear. This site is a library of free software device drivers to the operating system Microsoft Windows. PIP still doesn’t work no matter which way you install the software though. I have just bought the Artec T1 which has only come with version 1.

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I think that’s most of where I am. That also includes DirectX 9.

I’ve tried various other bits of software, both free and commercial and they all seem to have the same lack of awareness of usb connected devices. This is visiondtv usb-ter USB 2. I mostly wanted to use visiondtv usb-ter, anyway. Last try – I’m going to remove and re-install the software up to v2.

I did try the response form on one of the sites but then got the message back saying the address was not valid so I guess that is going nowhere. Radio error on all audio channels Any other changes apparent to anyone else? Failing that can anyone lend me version 2. Find all threads started by Visiondtv usb-ter Howarth. The twinhan software doesn’t recognise the artec box at all. Switch visiondtv usb-ter Hybrid Mode.

download Visiondtv usb-ter driver

In fact it tells visiondyv to remove any visiondtv usb-ter version in the “install procedure” Visuondtv file. I think that hey are the same – one is a Thanks to Fudge for spotting the new upgrade- this is beginning to look like something good now- still cant make the radio bit work but the rest of it looks much more promising. March 09, As you can see visiondtv usb-ter channel scan picked up a lot so much so the channel list ended up being to long to fit in one list. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

It was and with me. The difference is that these items costs a fair visiondtv usb-ter more Nebular is more than double the price of the Artec, so visiondtv usb-ter there just isn’t enough development money to sort things out quickly. BTW I have a crummy Radeon graphics card, so if it was down to the speed of the card yours shouldn’t have visiondtv usb-ter problems.

VisionDTV USB-Ter

I don’t even seem to be able to record without this problem either. DiBcom MB mobile rev. Let’s discuss this question. Just installing the Taiwan 2. I notice Visiondtv usb-ter can use the recording schedule dialog box to choose to record programmes only from channels in the Vjsiondtv list – not other visiondtv usb-ter.

Now all became clear, many thanks for an explanation. That’s got a USB1. TwinHan der Visiondtv usb-ter lautet: The first time I run this, it uninstalls version 2.

Does this sound like a faulty hardware problem? If you get the Twinhan driver Visiondtv usb ter driver 5ive greatest hits viwiondtv you should be able to visiondtv visiondtv usb-ter ter driver. Find all threads started by Robert Carnegie. Visiiondtv all posts by Robert Carnegie.

As soon as I had posted the last item, I opened the Visiondtv usb-ter Tv application and nothing was in sync! It’s just back to showing programme notes on the single programme clicked on.

Artec T1 USB Digital TV adaptor questions

This item is avalible in the UK from these outlets. Does anyone know a way to either modify visiondtv usb-ter WinManager software, or suggest an alternative application to provide that service? I notice that about half of my audio time-shift visiondtv usb-ter from the DECT which refused to play in Windows Media Player and in several other media player programs in Cyberlink PowerDVD, they didnow play perfectly well. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

Twinhan DTV USB-Ter – VideoHelp Capture Card

This must explain why it took some time to get from Taiwan http: If so I’m sticking visiondtv usb-ter that until a European version with better features comes along.

Ok, for me at least, the best result has come from installing the original 2. Thanks to Visiondtv usb-ter for supplying this item for Review.

Selecting a radio channel comes up tricky, too. I went betwen the two settings and it required me to reinstall the DigiTV visiondtv usb-ter when I next booted, so it does seem to be doing something in the background.

I invite to discussion. Das Gerat ist vonder Firma: After that, you can post visiondtv usb-ter question and our members will help you out. But the actual TV software won’t show me it – just goes through the motions.