For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. I expect this is stating the obvious but just in case – There is a typo in Stefan Bader’s message it should read. The problem happened reliably. Find More Posts by timl. Not as lucky as Black Silver, I still have this problem on Ubuntu 9. Let me know if there is anything else that you need.

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I’ve already tried 2. It seems that I can reload the forcedeth module and everything is back to normal so at least the hardware isn’t dead or anything.

nForce Driver

Attached is the output nviddia “lspci -vv”. So, it could be that the problem Nvidia mcp55 ethernet had was different than the problems other people had, which is why other people upgrading to Intrepid with the Ubuntu Hope you will manage to nvidia mcp55 ethernet this, i remind you that i’m stil available to test your.

I agree that some folks won’t use Ubuntu because of this, but I can’t always satisfy everyone. I will be testing the latest “test” kernel that you have posted and providing feed back through bugzilla and we continue in nvvidia resolution process.

Nvidia mcp55 ethernet I ask you for your card’s vendor and name? The NIC is enabled but not capable of stablishing a link with any other Ethernet device.

I’m not sure how to install a new kernel on Ubuntu, so I’m afraid I cannot provide you with more information in that regard. Comment this one out or disable it on your mcp555. Hi, Jonathan Perryman also has this issue on Ubuntu 8. As soon as nvidia mcp55 ethernet off’ is passed nvidia mcp55 ethernet ethtool the NIC goes offline. It is strange, because the network problem seems to fail only with recent version of Ethetnet, I found an old CD and it seems to work ok For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

We are no longer excepting NEW bugs into the release, bar critical regressions and blocker issues. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I will try and read up a bit on how that’s done this weekend, but I suspect it won’t be easy for a novice like nvidia mcp55 ethernet.

Bug – nVidia MCP55 MCP55 Ethernet (rev a3) not functional on kernel

Problems loading the nvidia ethernet driver? They won’t search in the nvidia mcp55 ethernet or in google for a fix. IIRC kernel updates rebuild initramfs and pick up the forcedeth options so once you have it working you never need to do anything again. I’m not sure this is related to my kernels, so if you want to try one from here: I have a similar issue that only happens after nvidia mcp55 ethernet I’m not speaking for myself, I have no problem with the terminal!

Comment 27 Carlos Avila The most important tenant of the SRU process is ’cause no regressions in the current release’.

[SOLVED] centos 7 nvidia ethernet driver

Fedora 9 is OK. Now that I think about it, I used to have a weird bug when I was running Vista that would show up rarely. At nvidia mcp55 ethernet point, not even the leds etbernet the socket work.

Comment 24 Andy Gospodarek The problem happened reliably. Here are a few things that might help me out since I don’t have your specific board.

Comment 30 Andy Gospodarek Not reported Advertised auto-negotiation: Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn zooko wrote on Can you post the relevant bits from syslog during forcedeth init on nvidia mcp55 ethernet working kernel so I can compare it to what you have attached on the non-working one?